Allow Myself to Introduce … Myself!

It’s curious how we live in a world where it’s almost a social requirement to be caught up on pop culture, but we often consume media alone. You can now get friends by marathoning shows in what were once nerdy genres, such as Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and Doctor Who, but it’s rare for people to actually watch TV together – unless it’s as family time, or a party for a season premiere. Book clubs are a thing, but it’s not exactly as if you can get away with being hunched over someone’s shoulder as they read. And man, how many people even listen to albums anymore, let alone host listening parties for them? We often talk with people about the latest in entertainment, but other than films (most of the time, anyway), we usually partake in them alone.

Of course, some people are perfectly content with watching/reading/listening to something by themselves. They don’t need to hear other people’s opinions or make it a point to talk everyone’s heads off about every piece of entertainment they’ve been enjoying (or not enjoying). That’s fine, more power to them.

However, there are some who feel that part of the experience is to chat about it with others. It can be interesting or just fun to talk with people about what we liked and didn’t like, what was dumb and clever, what we hoped for and hope for now. It’s also cool to see a fresh and unique perspective that you otherwise never would have conceived, which can transform something plain or forgettable into something amazing and, at the risk of sounding dramatic, even life-changing. Conversation like this can add so much to a piece of entertainment, whether it’s laughter or tears or memories worth telling as stories.

(And besides, isn’t it a pleasant surprise to find that someone has read the same book as you?)

So yeah, people can totally check something out without discussing it with anyone. But it doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. It can be a shared one, where more than one person can get a good time out of something, even if that something was bad. And this is the driving idea behind Space Cadet Glow.

As of this first post … oh, almost forgot: hello! … there’ll be three different sections that posts will fall under (besides random announcements like this). And not only will I take requests for any of them, I’m begging for them!

  1. Writing on the Margins – I read a book and break it down, chapter by chapter or section by section, with analytical (or, um, not-so-analytical) comments. It’d be kinda like opening a book to find it littered with scribbled annotations, which I think only add to the experience of reading it.maze runner cover
  2. Shouting at the Screen – A section that encompasses TV shows, movies, and maybe even stuff from the Internet and video games. With the former, it’ll be similar in format to Writing on the Margins, where I break a series down an episode at a time. With the latter three things, and honestly just with anything else covered in this blog, I just want to write a unique perspective on whatever I choose to discuss – unique meaning “hasn’t already been said a million times.”firefly cover
  3. Talking Over the Music – My music-loving brother and I listen to an album and break it down track by track. Admittedly, it looks like he’ll be doing most of the talking. Unlike what you might think after what I said would be done with books and TV shows, each post would not be about a single song from the album – not unless there’s a heck of a lot to say about the song.kerrang american idiot

All that’s subject to change. There might be more sections in the future, some of the current ones might be discontinued, or this blog might fizzle and die of author’s disinterest within a month. But hey, there’s no adventure without a little risk!

As for a little bit about myself, so that your first impression of me isn’t “disembodied voice,” I’m RADDman! I started this blog because I like to write – I do fiction mostly, but also reviews and the like – and because I didn’t want to be bored this summer. I hope that doing this blog will give me and others a good time, sharpen my writing skills, and encourage me to read more books. And I named this blog after a lyric from my favorite album, The Wall by Pink Floyd, just because I thought it sounded cool.

Now, as a special treat and because humans like visuals, I’m gonna kick off this blog by including whatever I happen to find at the top of /r/me_irl, a subreddit where people post pictures that capture who they are without actually being pictures of themselves – “selfies of the soul.” No matter what it is, I’ll post it up here and cement it as part of this blog’s legacy. So what’s the very first selfie to define the soul of Space Cadet Glow?

We're in trouble.

We’re in trouble.

Regardless, if you’re up for it, come along for the ride! There will be praise, complaining, eureka moments, immature puns, YA garbage, Marvel probably (you can’t escape Marvel these days), and an active real-time chronicle of my descent into otaku trash! It could be fun. If you never try, you’ll never know …

Cya soon, with the first real entry,

RADDman (me)

P.S. A special thank you to my younger brother for providing guidance in the direction and presentation of this blog, and to my youngest brother for helping me come up with the name. This may not be the first blog on WordPress, or even the second, to use the name Space Cadet Glow, but it’s a cool name and at least everything else will be a little more original. I’d also like to thank everyone who pitched in with ideas for a blog name (including the aforementioned younger brother), I appreciate the enthusiasm and you all rock. Finally, I express sincere gratitude to one of my closest friends, for kindly taking a little time to read and give constructive feedback on this and the next two blog posts. This friend’s comments gave me insight on how to write these posts in a way that doesn’t suck. Thanks, everyone!


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