Q&Ayyyy lmao

Whoa, where has my aimless Internet surfing taken me now?

Hey, you (whoever you may be)! Welcome to Space Cadet Glow – not the first or even the second blog on WordPress with that name, but an original in every other way!

Oh, hi, nameless blogger guy. What’s up with this?

A detailed explanation of this blog’s purpose can be found in my very first post here. Those without much time before their break ends just need to know that posts here cover entertainment in general, separated into three categories:

  • Writing on the Pages – Literature
  • Shouting at the Screen – TV, Movies, Web Originals, Video Games
  • Talking Over the Music – Albums and Songs

The style of the posts will vary, from multi-part breakdowns to commentaries on lesser-known aspects of a work to questionable just-for-fun activities, but the actual writing will consistently be both analytical and (hopefully) entertaining.

Will you look at that, a blog talking about movies and TV and stuff? So much for “original in every other way.”

Well, the idea is that whatever I write here is something new, or at least something that hasn’t been said a million times over. This is blog is for those who are tired of hearing, again and again and again, how Ferris Bueller is a sociopath and Gaston is the real hero of Beauty and the Beast.

Furthermore, the idea of the blog is to help me create a dialogue with others. It can be fun to just watch movies and TV on my own, but I enjoy talking with other people about them, and all those other forms of entertainment mentioned above, and hearing their unique perspectives on it.

Does this mean you do collaborations?

The doors are always open for collaborations! Just send me a message (somehow, I’m still new to WordPress as of this writing) or leave a comment and we’ll come up with something cool to do together!

This also means I really want people to send me requests for stuff to review. Besides wanting to know what interests the readers, I also enjoy experiencing new stuff that I otherwise might not ever hear about or bother to check out. So feel free to request posts about anything – classical material, cult favorites, cult unfavorites, your dirty fan fiction, anything!

That’s nice and all, but who are you?

Oh yeah, how rude of me. I’m RADDman! Let’s see, interesting things about myself … um …

  • I have a blo- oh yeah, you know that by now. Um …
  • I’m a college student majoring in Creative Writing (to help me write fiction for a living someday) and minoring in Communication (to help me actually sell my fiction so I don’t have to work at Publix)
  • The Publix reference probably gives away that I’m from Florida. Naturally, expect this blog to be as normal as anything from this very special state.
  • I got this nickname because a good friend in 4th grade called himself Super RADD Turd the Third. He will always be Super RADD Turd the Third, despite moving away a long time ago, but I keep the spirit alive in my own way!

And for the curious, these are a few of my favorite things:

  • Books: Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, the Pendragon series by DJ MacHale.
  • My favorite movies include the Back to the Future trilogy as a whole, Fight ClubWatchmenThe Lion King, and Pulp Fiction.
  • My favorite TV shows include Ed, Edd, and EddyTom and JerrySpongebob Squarepants (can’t you tell I’m in college?), Seinfeld, and Once Upon a Time.
  • My favorite albums include The Wall by Pink Floyd, The Soft Bulletin by The Flaming Lips, Smile by the Beach Boys, 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day, and Love by the Beatles.

Well, now that you know a little bit more about myself and this blog, I hope you enjoy Space Cadet Glow! Have a nice day!

You too, named blogger guy!

(Also, “Q&Ayyyy lmao”?)

(Shush, I didn’t wanna just put “About” or something, and I couldn’t think of anything better)


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